Why now?

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THIS is annoying.

I just realized that I want CS5 production premium.

I realized that this is the type of work I want to get into, and this will be my toolset. It’s perfect, the student edition is US$500, which is equal to NZ$700. Guess how much cash I have on hand.

So why is this annoying? Simple. I was just about to plonk my NZ$700 for an iPad. Seriously, this realization could not come at a more conflicting time.

I want the iPad, but I think CS5 is in order. Hey, Wolverine, good selling me the software, but loose the chops. (If you didn’t get that, watch the CS5 launch video.)


PLDX Roundup week 1

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I produced this clip for the Friendly Fire podcast, but they did not have an episode this week, So alas, I must wait one more weekHere it is in all its glory.

Download TheGooglePlex – Week 1 Pldx Roundup

Heres the script as well. Its not exactly the same, as I changed some things on the fly, but its pretty close.
Welcome to TheGooglePlexes weekly PLDX round-up! My Idea for this Segment is to bring attention to the best frag vids of TF2.
There were two Highlight reels this week, Both produced from the recently ended ESEA season. The teams were Mucle Milk and Moolians and pandemic.
I’ll start by saying this about the MMM vid; The editing struck a MAJOR chord. The synching, the music, the artistic flairs of engie ragdolls getting thrown back and slow mo gibs; all of these went towards making the WOW factor. The music, which is the music you are hearing right now, defines this video with its strong beat.
Torn Productions Subtitled weaves the beat into the video; every frag shot seems to dance with the music. While the editing is obviously the highlight, The Frags were of decent quality, higlighted by the kritz pipe scene at 2.50, a mid wipe by a sollie at 4.30 and a trademark Auto Aim headshot by bloodsire at 6.15. There is an emphasis on teamwork; a few times the shot cut from one player too  another  in the same frag sequence  . This quality of fragging would be expected from an invite team,
But were not matched by Pandemics frags. In their vid, edited by their very own justin, had some of the best frags I have seen in a while. Highlights include the couple of equalizer kills, the med saving last at 1 minute in, and, among other Airshots, the one at 2.05 was particularly cool. unfortunately, the music choice, syncing and editing left much to be desired.
CoL also had a video this week highlighting the ESEA finals lan. There is your expected amount of Carnage beastin’, and there is of course, the famous tri pickaxe for the win by relic, narrated by the shoutcaster leogeo2. Also watch out for Pure at 2.30 with amazing dodging. The editing of the intro deserves props as well. It’s not the best vid this week, but it certainly deserves a good  look.
Theres a nice tf2 defrag vid called breaking the f***ing engine. It is defiantly worth a watch, but the real defrag action this week was a quake 3 vid called heartbreak 2.
Also check out 76 and silhouette, both reasonably decent scout vids.
And how could I not mention the new top rated movie, Law abiding engineer. In fact, I really don’t need to. It’s been mentioned on the TF2 blog, so I’ll let it speak for itself.
Thats all for this weeks PLDX roundup. Please Post on the RC forums for suggestions and comments. Also, as I might not be able to do this every week, let me know if you can be a backup. See you next week,
-Google out

Mundane fact of the “Whenever I feel like it”: Earthquake measurements

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I found this out while listening to the No Agenda show; A while ago, a couple of smart scientist guys (one being named Thomas Hanks…) replaced the earthquake scale we know and love, the Richter scale, by the Moment Magnitude scale. See the inserted Wikipedia links for more info

Turns out the mass media uses the Richter scale still. Go figure.

Game Informer

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I have been continualy impressed with Gameinformers coverage of portal 2. Heres a link


Hello world, part II

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So, I finaly decide to write a blog. You may expect this post to say what I intend to write about, and then all subsequent posts start with a 20 paragraph solliloquy about how I am so sorry about not posting for 2 years or however long it has been, followed in equal length by worthless ramblings because my posts are simpily not inspired

This will not be the case

I have no obligation to this blog. If it becomes a chore It will be work, and being completly honest, my work ethic sucks. I plan to write here when I feel like it, or when a cool new game has come out, or I have some pics I want to share, or when my TF2 team wins a tournement. (Followed by the post about the team breaking up, followed by the post about a new team which has everyone from the old team but one person who nobody liked in the first place.)

I hope you at least enjoy what crazed ramblings I have written on this blog, if you can make sense of them first.