Hello world, part II

So, I finaly decide to write a blog. You may expect this post to say what I intend to write about, and then all subsequent posts start with a 20 paragraph solliloquy about how I am so sorry about not posting for 2 years or however long it has been, followed in equal length by worthless ramblings because my posts are simpily not inspired

This will not be the case

I have no obligation to this blog. If it becomes a chore It will be work, and being completly honest, my work ethic sucks. I plan to write here when I feel like it, or when a cool new game has come out, or I have some pics I want to share, or when my TF2 team wins a tournement. (Followed by the post about the team breaking up, followed by the post about a new team which has everyone from the old team but one person who nobody liked in the first place.)

I hope you at least enjoy what crazed ramblings I have written on this blog, if you can make sense of them first.


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